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  1. We have a fleet of over 105, fully containerized with weather proof.
  2. We have more than 50 attached vehicles.
  3. Pickup & Delivery vehicles TATA Ace to 24 feet transshipment Bharat Benz.
  4. The vehicles are GPS equipped to enable constant monitoring and tracking of vehicles.


Our prime motive keep add on expansion to cater all India based. We have define 3 mode of service to reached as fast as to our esteem clients through this gateways(a) Feeder (b) Service (c) Express Route:

  • Feeder : To reached our client Door 2 Door / Office To Office
  • Service: To allow more connectivity with single route with proper time management.
  • Express: To Provide the fastest or Bullet transit unruffled in Express Industry.
  • Fixed Departure schedule and ensured 100% on destination movement.

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